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I am passionate about helping people.  Throughout my career, I have been a passionate believer and supporter of education and advocacy for living a healthy, active and a more balanced lifestyle.

Throughout my long career in the health and fitness industry, my desire to educate others set me on a path to further expand my portfolio and work with businesses interested in developing and implementing a variety of corporate initiatives centered on health and well-being.  As a result, I have had the privilege of creating many workshops both on my own and in partnerships with several well respected health, fitness and wellness professionals in Niagara Region and beyond.  My experience working with and for such highly respected companies as listed below, have helped hone my skills and provided me an opportunity to share my expertise and experience.  

If you are interested in learning more about developing and/or implementing a corporate Health and Wellness initiative in your company, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. 

Corporate Resume – Presentations and Workshops

Since its inception, Keiser has always been at the cutting edge of the industry and remains there today with a full range of products for the young, and the young-at-heart. From elite testing equipment to strength and stretching machines, Keiser has it all. Beyond Keiser's commitment to providing the products and services that exceed its customers' expectations, Keiser offers educational and marketing tools that help them achieve greater success.  In fact, Keiser has been involved in over 80 peer reviewed and published research studies on strength training and its effect on aging, making it the undisputed leader in serving the needs of an aging population, the fastest growing segment of the market. But the secret to Keiser's longevity and success has always been its people and the success experienced by their customers.

Keiser Functional Trainer

I was approached to develop and deliver educational workshops/presentations on what I consider to be one of Keiser’s most functional and diverse pieces of equipment, the Functional Trainer.  I have found this to be one of the most effective and diverse machines out there in my work with helping to condition a wide range of clients from amateur to professional athletes, everyday people looking to increase their fitness, post rehab clients and the aging men and women.  

It is a great honor to work alongside and representing such a forward thinking, well respected, research/educational company.  Here are some examples of the work I have done with Keiser; ( letter of reference here)

·      Keiser and Can Fit Pro (Can Fit Pro is Canada’s largest International Fitness and Club Business Conference and trade show) (August 2008)

Represented Keiser and the Functional Trainer at the 2008 conference where I helped promote, educate, demonstrate and field questions from curious and potential prospects about the Functional Trainer.

Keiser and York University (March 2008) Developed and presented workshop on the Functional Trainer to students of the Kinesiology and Health Sciences Faculty of the Health Athletics’ Department.

Keiser and Burlington YMCA (March 2008Developed and presented workshop on the Functional Trainer to     personal trainers and YMCA staff.

Thank you Keiser - hope to work with you in the future!

York University – Athletics and the Fundamentals of Body Mechanics (May 2008)

Developed a workshop and coached students of Kinesiology and Health Sciences Faculty of Health, Athletics’ Department.  This interactive and hands-on active afternoon began with an active warm-up routine followed with a segment on proper body mechanics through the squat and bench press and then finishing off with sport specific athletic training circuits within the confines of baseball, football and soccer.

Runners Edge

Owned and operated by Benny Ralston, this local business sells running gear and apparel as well as offers a running clinic that operates year round.  Benny approached me to team up to present a series of workshops.  The following is some of the work we did together;

Pre-Run Warm up and Core Exercises to benefit Runners (October 2008)

Designed and instructed group warm up for the beginner to the more advanced running groups.

Resistance Training to Benefit Running (April 2009)

Designed and presented this workshop to a group of members of Runner’s Edge running group. 

It’s been great to work with Benny and the team at Runners Edge. I am looking forward to doing more with you in the future!

Niagara College - Core (Abdominal) Training / Core Values (May 2008)

Designed and presented a workshop for Niagara College at the Niagara College Support Team Recognition Day.  This workshop included both the creating and presentation of the Core Values handout as well as taking the group through a series of exercises that taught them practical uses of the information presented on Function and Movement and engagement of core for safety and effectiveness within an exercise program and/or in everyday life.

Niagara College – Functional Athletics Conditioning Circuits (October 2010

Designed, presented and coached students enrolled at South Niagara Health and Wellness Centre, located on-site at the college’s Applied Health Institute, through a series of athletic conditioning circuits that represented movements such as agility, balance, coordination and speed within a wide range of athletics/sports.

Silverline Group Inc. - Healthy Lifestyle Challenge ( January 23 – Mar 23, 2012)

Silverline was looking for ways to assist staff in becoming more health conscious and encourage staff to learn how to develop and live a healthier lifestyle. Using the latest research, my colleague, Stephanie Bonetta and I teamed up to educate staff over the course of 8 weeks, on what living a healthy lifestyle looks like. 

Casino Niagara – My Five Stretching Program (November 2011)

Assisted with the introduction of the Niagara Casino’s new stretch program called “My Five”.  This program was designed to show staff how easy and convenient it was to incorporate various stretches within their day. Through hands-on and interactive demonstrations and instruction, employees were shown proper stretching techniques and the benefits associate with good stretching as well as field relevant questions related to health and wellness.

Special thanks to Jennifer Brown, owner of Reactivated Training, which provides health and wellness consulting to Niagara Casino.

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