One-on-One Personal Training

 Personal training starts with an initial consultation. This process allows us to get to know one another, review your health and exercise history as well as discuss in greater detail your individual circumstances and/or interests.  From the information gathered, a personalized training program is then created along with a recommended schedule in order to achieve your goals.


Principles of Exercise and Nutrition Chris Follows:

  •  Assess client’s physical ability of movement and function
  • Educate clients on resistance training and how to develop strength with safety, proper form and technique keeping in mind any limitations they may have while still progressing them to higher levels of physical conditioning
  • Help clients develop body awareness and movement as a foundation while teaching them how to improve strength, balance and agility. Learning this type of conditioning will benefit them greatly in their daily movement
  • Introduce clients to exercises using such equipment as dumbbells, Bosu Balls, Stability Ball, Medicine Balls and Agility ladder and incorporate these elements for a more effective personalized program
  • Goal specific training – assist clients with their exercise goals who might have an interested in learning how to run their first 5km, 10km, build to a Half Marathon/Marathon, train for a Duathlon and/or Triathon, or simply looking to get into shape/improve their conditioning for a specific sport in mind like tennis, golf, hockey, etc.
  • Teach clients about nutrition principles and eating for the demands of their activity.  The importance of eating a balanced diet that include protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats, eating small meals often, eating whole foods, the importance of proper hydration as well as pre/post exercise nutrition


Goal setting is critical to a client’s success.  I encourage clients to consider choosing goals beyond simply the aesthetics (like losing weight) and try to pick physical activity goals such as jogging or walk/jogging; building up to a distance that appeals to them, biking or hiking, run their first 5km race or a Half Marathon/Marathon, maybe get back in shape in order to improve on a sport/activity they currently love or would like to return to playing.


Professional Athletes

I have trained professional athletes for both AHL level ice hockey and LPGA level golf.   


 Training Locations

There are several options to where a client might train;

  •  A location of your choosing – I am more than happy to come to you be it your home, work or place of business.  Depending on the location, a travel fee will apply.
  •         At the gym – Clients can join me at the Bodyshop Athletic Training & Fitness Centre, St.Catharines, Ontario.
  •        Outside – Training sessions outside will take place in the spring/summer/fall as weather permits.



Small Group Personal Training (4 – 6 Clients)

 This training follows the same principles as the One-on-One Personal Training with the added benefits of:


  • You put together your own group by asking like-minded friends, family and/or coworkers
  • Personalize the training within the small group as much as possible in order to provide the highest level of service in order to achieve both individual and group goals
  • More cost-effective
  • Group support - each client is going through similar challenges and/or have similar goals in mind which allows for a more welcoming, supportive team environment while committing to living a healthier lifestyle


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