Name:  Carole

Profession: School Teacher (retired )

Current Life Position: Working part time as a

Education Councilor. Enjoying living a healthy active lifestyle

  Carole’s Success with Chris:

   Learned how to exercise effectively and safety

    ↑ bone density                                                       

   ↑ sense of confidence

   Completed first half marathon

   Completed in a Duathlon (1st in age group) and since competed in 3 more Duathlons (also finishing first in 1 of the 3 races)

 Over a 10 month period :

  Lost 3 3/4 inches on abs

  Lost 3” on hips

  Lost 7lbs of body fat

  ↑ muscle weight by 8lbs

  ↓ body fat percentage by 5.5%

Group Training

 At first I was very intimidated about doing to Group Training, because I had never done anything like that before, he put me at ease and made me feel that I could actually do it. I could feel the motivation from Chris, this encouraged me right from the start. Now, I continue to attend the Group Training. the sessions are never the same; he keeps it fun, I look forward to the upcoming sessions.   -   Carole

 Personal Training/ Half Marathon/ Duathlons

With this being my first time doing these sort of events,  I found it very achievable to be engaged and carry out the training programs he designed and Coached me on. Throughout my training with Chris, it always seemed achievable to cross the finish line.... and I did!! -

 “I feel much better about my body. I am toned and more physically fit and ready to try different physical challenges. I feel that my overall health has improved as well.”   -  Carole




Name: Steve

Profession: Performance Acura: General Manager

Current Life Position: Working full time.(plus, overtime hours)  Married with 2 children. At times, finding it challenging to manage lifestyle. Striving to balance career, family and taking care of myself.

Services/Programs Attended: Personal Training, Mountain Biking , Lifestyle Coaching.

Steve’s Success With Chris: Now more self aware. Learning the tools to living a healthier more balanced lifestyle. Regularly exercising, (strength training, mountain biking, including seasonal indoor cycling, playing soccer, competing in Mountain Bike races) Practicing eating smaller, healthier meals more often.  Feeling less overall stress, has more energy.


 Chris has become a friend. He has helped me strive and achieve the goals I felt were not attainable for me to reach on my own. With his patience and caring, I am currently working towards meeting these goals and setting further goals beyond my initial expectations.” – Steve Champion

 Steve (Read More)

Personal Training/Lifestyle Coaching/Mountain Biking


As a business professional working long hours, and having to deal with day-to-day stresses, I knew it was time for me to do something about my lifestyle. I was not taking care of myself. I was eating unhealthily and not getting any sort of regular exercise. I felt like I just did not have energy to be as productive as I would like to be in my life.

I had considered working with a Personal Trainer in the past but I wasn’t sure about whether I was ready for this kind of commitment. Now when I look back, I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did before starting. Chris was genuinely interested in me; he listened and understood what my needs were. It wasn’t all about exercise, but more about a balanced approach of considering my profession, personal, and family life. Within our Lifestyle Coaching sessions, I soon came to realize what I needed to do for myself. I set priorities to realign my life in the direction of my goals. I feel much happier living a healthier more productive and balanced Lifestyle. My eating habits have improved; I am now eating healthier foods and not skipping meals, which gives my body and mind the proper fuel to feel energized throughout my day. Within the Personal Training sessions, Chris teaches me how to get the most out of my exercises. He individualized my program and has helped me improve in mountain bike racing. We trained on the trails where Chris was able to see what I needed to work on to get better at riding. As a recreational soccer player I also could feel my game on the field has improved. I have more endurance and improved balance which helps my agility in soccer.




Name: June

Profession: Retired (office work)

Current Life Position: Enjoying retirement, living a healthy active balanced lifestyle of social and physical activities. Playing golf, going to the gym 4 to 5 days a week: doing strength training, taking aerobic, step, cycle classes. Routinely spending time with my two grandchildren and doing volunteer work in the community

Services/Programs Attended: Personal Training/ Sports - Golf Conditioning /Post Rehabilitation

June’s Success with Chris:

                                    Lost 13 lbs

                                    Lost 2 1/2 inches off hips

                                    Lost 2 clothes sizes

                                    Feeling healthier, stronger and can play golf without any concern of my shoulder


I am now feeling so much better, I lost weight, lost inches, and shoulder problems are gone. Clothes from last summer are loose, and I feel better about myself. From the very start Chris’s sense of humor made training with him fun and entertaining to say the least!

"I see Chris for my regular check-in appointments; I find it keeps me in tune with my health and fitness"

 “I am no longer the couch potato I was becoming. Every day I think of getting in a weight lifting workout or cardio. Proper nutrition and portion control are important once again.” - June


June (Read More)

Personal Training/ Sports - Golf Conditioning /Post Rehabilitation

 After experiencing shoulder pain and seeing a physiotherapist, I started seeing Chris again, after a long hiatus from training. [Chris] got some guidelines from the physiotherapist and applied them to my program. I wanted to take better care of myself, get my shoulder stronger and lose the weight I gained. Golf season was only a few months away and I wanted to be in shape to play in the spring time. Chris helped me with my nutrition; he got me on track of healthier eating habits. With exercise, he started slow and worked gradually with me to help my strength and endurance



Name: Darla

Profession: Public Service Officer

Current Life Position: Working full time shift work (commuting out of town). Married with 2 children. Sometimes challenging trying to balance career, family and taking care of myself.

Services/Programs Attended: Group Training, Duathlon(Group Training)Half Ironman(Triathlon)Training

Darla’s Success with Chris: Completed a Duathlon, Triathlon, Half Ironman

 Has more strength endurance and more confidence in her physical abilities. Feels better about herself and has an improved sense of well being. Motivated to further challenge herself.


I lost 33lbs! I have not experienced this level of fitness in years. Chris taught me how to exercise smarter as opposed to longer. I feel so good about myself"- Darla



Duathlons/Triathlons/Group Training

 (I have been training with Chris for just over 2 years now.  I first met him when I signed up for a Duathlon clinic.  That has evolved into a subsequent Duathlon clinic, Group Training--my personal favourite, some one-on-one training sessions, triathlons.


I have lost 30lbs, toned up, gained muscle, and improved my posture.  However, equally
important and profound are these:  a new approach to stress management, the importance of rest and sleep, and discussions on nutrition that were practical and pertinent to my lifestyle and family. [Chris] invests in you personally, and takes the time to really know who you are. You are not just a "client", but you are a real person.


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